Artist: Alex Da Corte
Title: Fun Sponge
Writers: Daniel Fuller
Designer: Other Means, Brooklyn
Retail Price: $35
Size: 6.5 x 8.5”, 508 pages (400 page flip-book in the center), pages are 28 Ib., four-color.
Edition Size: 500

Artist: John Fireman, Sascha Braunig, Bryan Graf, Elizabeth Atterbury, Hilary Irons, Charley Young, Micah Silver, Mitchell Kehe, Adam Manley, and Jenny Mcgee Daugherty
Title: Idea of North
Writers: Daniel Fuller
Designer: Mitchell Kehe, Boston/Rotterdam
Retail Price: NFS
Size: 8 x 10”, 508 pages, four-color.
Edition Size: 50

Artist: Ander Mikalson
Title: Score For Two Dinosaurs
Writers: Daniel Fuller
Designer: Smyrski Creative, Philadelphia
Retail Price: $15
Size: 5 x 8”, 16 pages on heavy postcard paper, four-color.
Edition Size: 500

Artist: Michael Bell-Smith
Writers: Daniel Fuller, Michael Bell-Smith, and Lauren Cornell
Designer: Smyrski Creative, Philadelphia
Retail Price: $25.00
Size: 6.5 x 8.31”, 61 pages with French folds (a Michael Bell-Smith print inside the pages). The pages are 100 Ib., four-color, with a satin finish varnish.
Edition Size: 1,000

Artist: Lisi Raskin, Kim Charles Kay
Title: MOTORPARK: a reader
Writers: New texts by: Daniel Fuller, Lisi Raskin & Kim Charles Kay, Eda Cufer. Reprinted texts by: Jacques Rancière, Claude Steiner, Lloyd Kahn, Leonard Koren, Paulo Freire, Jeanette Winterson
Designer: Project Projects, New York
Retail Price: $25
Size: 7.5 x 10”,128 pages,
Edition Size: 1,000

Artist: Bryan Graf
Title: Moving Across the Interior
Writers: Daniel Fuller, Walker Waugh
Designer: Samantha Haedrich, PATH, Portland, ME
Retail Price: $20
Size: 6 x 8”, 128 pages, four-color cover, pages are grayscale with cyan ink.
Edition Size: 500